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Simple Reliable WiFi Hotspot

For businesses who need a simple reliable public WiFi hotspot.
Your café, restaurant, taverna (εστιατόριο), pub or bar needs a great WiFi hotspot solution... and we've got it covered!

Forget about the WiFi on your ISP router, it's NOT up to the job - visitors expect better. Switch to a terrific hotspot solution your customers will LOVE.

  • Plug-n-play hardware everything is included - Works straight out of the box
  • No technical expertise required
  • Collect customer details and use it to drive marketing - Simply
  • Promote your business with a branded sign-in portal
  • Solve connection problems with interference-free 2.4 and 5Ghz wireless
  • Make money selling premium WiFi vouchers
  • Be in control with weekly WiFi activity reports
  • Protect guests from each other with guest isolation
  • Rely on our fully managed service backed by experienced WiFi professionals
  • Available worldwide

If your customers aren't getting a good WiFi experience, they might not come back. It's that simple. Never under estimate the draw of a great Internet connection. Our skill with large WiFi networks means that this small WiFi solution is superb. Your customers will get the great WiFi connection they expect and this will bring them right back.

Drive Repeat Business

Our hotspot integrates seamlessly with a newsletter system called Constant Contact. When a guest enters their details into the WiFi sign-up page, they are automatically added to your mailing list. You can then use Constant Contact to send Email-shots that will drive return visits.

Constant Contact is really easy to use. By integrating it into your WiFi system, your contact list will grow automatically.

Public WiFi

The best public WiFi service available. Ensure your customers are happy by using ProWiFi to offer a fast reliable Internet connection.


Free branded sign-in portal. Captures guest details, prompts your brand and ensure guests are using the right network.

Email Marketing

ProWiFi seamlessly integrates into the Constant Contact newsletter management system. It’s never been easier to drive repeat business.

Cloud Management

ProWiFi is fully managed from our cloud. Skilled engineers are constantly monitoring your WiFi system and adapting it to the conditions to ensure excellent service for your guests.

Ready to get started?

Our plan is £20 per month, £150 setup

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